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Welcome to my website!  This website started as a purely academic project: to serve as learning resource for students enrolled in my courses.  It continues as a learning resource, but over time the audience widened to include friends, kith and kin.

The links on the left open the main pages in this site.  The Philosophy link is about myself as a teacher, my experience, pedagogy and philosophy of teaching. If you are in my class, click the Academic link to access online resources for your course.  The Downloads link opens to gigabytes of electronic books, electronic magazines and audio books. Most eBooks are on computing, many are on Business and Management and several are on self-improvement, religion and fiction. Click the Spiritual Health link to read and view articles and slide shows that will help you grow spiritually. Check My Calendar to view my appointments and schedule, useful if you want to set-up a meeting with me. Documentary Films is a collection of full-length videos about varied topics that interest me and, I hope, will interest you. Web Blogs are my collection of inspiring and noble stories that go around the Internet, stories of Filipinos that succeed big in the global arena of entertainment, science, education, business and the arts.

Thank you for visiting. Watch the featured video below on the changing education paradigm. Although based on US education, the presentation has relevance to 21st century education.  Oops, before you leave, have you signed my guestbook?

Changing Education Paradigm

Footnote: Starting June 1, 2010. the date of my retirement, this website will no longer serve
its academic purpose; but the Course Management System will continue to be available
to teachers in the Philippines who would like to use it.



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